Diagnostics & Research

In late 1990s, Arun & Co. has introduced diagnostic enzymes and research biochemicals from Worthington Biochemical Corporation, USA, respectively. Subsequently, this division has been expanded by adding more products such as dNTPs, enzyme stabilizers, clinical chemistry reagents, serology reagents, bovine serum albumin, enzyme substrates, etc.



Arun & Co. has been working closely with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies for over several decades with its range of pharmaceutical enzymes and ingredients. Considering the growing demand for safe & natural products like probiotics worldwide, Arun & Co. entered into marketing arrangement with Institut Rosell / Lallemand Human Nuitritions, Canada, which is widely known as the "Probiotician of the World", to market their probiotics in India. Arun & Co. is in also working with Japanese suppliers through its partner Toyo Science Corp., Japan for many neutraceutical products.


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