Plant Proteins
We need proteins to supply amino acids for the cell growth, maintenance, repair and muscle building. But unlike carbohydrates and fats, the body does not store proteins hence required daily intake of protein which can be fulfilled by naturally and commercially available proteins. Plant proteins can provide adequate amounts of essential amino acids, helps in muscle strength, maintains blood sugar level and have a low level of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats. Understanding increasing demand for natural, plant-based, Vegan diet, we have a wide range of plant protein concentrates and isolates to offer such as:
Soya Protein
Pea Protein
White Rice Protein
Brown Rice Protein
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
Mung Bean Protein
Lentil Protein
Chickpea Protein
These Plant proteins have applications including:
Bakery Products Confectionary
Extruded Snacks & Cereals Dairy Protein Substitutes
Meat & Fish Products Meat Extender
RTD & Smoothies Noodles & Pasta
Sports Nutrition & Energy Drinks Baby Foods
Nutritional Supplements Nutrition Bars
Weight Management Meal Replacement Food
Processed & Prepared Foods  Dietetic Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition Non-Dairy Ice Cream & Drinks