Sweeteners & Polyols
We offer a wide range of sugar substituting tooth-friendly sweeteners including Nutritive Sweetener, low-calorie, bulking agents, and zero-calorie sweeteners fulfilling consumerís demands for reduced-calorie, sugar-free and diabetic friendly.

Crystalline Fructose
Crystalline Fructose is a Nutritive Sweetener & bulking agent, naturally found in Fruits and Honey. It is made from Corn and has very high sweetness of 150-180 times as that of Sucrose.

Trehalose is dihydrous crystalline & non-reducing disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules. It is made from Corn with the sweetness of 45% as that of Sucrose. It is a Cryoprotectant Sweetener that helps to stabilize proteins, lipids and prevents starch retrogradation.

Erythritol is Zero-Calorie, Zero GI, polyol which helps to mask the aftertaste of some natural-origin and high-potency sweeteners. It is made from Corn with sweetness of 60-70% as that of Sucrose.

Maltitol is a kind of a disaccharide alcohol which is made of maltose by reduction method. It is low-calorie polyol & bulking agent, made from Corn with long-lasting sweetness of 90% as that of Sucrose & added Prebiotic health benefits.

These Sweeteners have applications including:
Candies & Icings RTE & RTD Products
Savories & Snacks Nutritional Beverages & Bars
Breakfast Cereals Keto Diet Foods
Sports Nutrition Health Supplements
Tabletop Sweeteners Non-Dairy Toppings
Macaroni, Noodles, &
Pasta Products
Thermally Processed Fruits & Vegetables
Traditional Sweets (Carbohydrate- based & Milk product based Sweets)
Dairy-based Drinks, Milk Powder, Yoghurt etc.
Frozen Foods & Desserts (Ice Cream, Sorbet, Puddings etc.)
Confectionery (Chocolates & Spreads)
Bakery (Biscuits, Bread, Cookies, Pastries & Cakes, Bakery Mixes)
Carbonated & Non-Carbonated water based Beverages (Carbonated Water, Iced Tea) & Solid Beverages
Fruit-based Products (Fruit Juices, Fruit Nectars, Fruit Beverages, Fruit Squashes, Fruit Cheese, Jam, Jelly & Marmalades)