Zytex is leader in Indian wine industry. We are catering almost 65% Indian wine market. Zytex has long history of technical support and customer services and that keep us ahead of the curve.

Zytex represents Lallemand (www.lallemandwine.com) and
IOC (www.institut-oenologique.com) in India since September 2010 and working with majority big and small wine producers in India.

In Wine industry in short period of time Zytex reached towards every customer. Now Zytex has presence in every winery and catering many products which are helping to produce quality wines in India.

The strong association and support from Lallemand and IOC is helping us to achieve the desired goal.

Zytex achieved another milestone in 2017 since we started distributing Lallemand Brewing products www.lallemandbrewing.com in India for craft and commercial breweries.

Zytex Oenology division is proud to announce our association since 2018 with Groupe Charlois France - premium oak barrel’s producers in the world http://www.groupecharlois.com/en/our-brands.

We represent there premium brands in India
ERMITAGE - http://www.tonnellerie-ermitage.com/en,


and for oak alternative Oenosylva
Over all our focus is to provide wide range of products for producing quality wines and beer.
We have following products available on our portfolio:
Oeno Concept 
More details on: www.oenoconcept.com

Oeno Concept is global leader in manufacturing of bottle riddling machine manufacturer the whole range of GYROPALETTE are made in France.

Oeno Concept also supplies all range of products for riddling, storage,pressing and vinification equipments. The second hand equipments are also available on request.
Oak Alternative:
Oenosylva http://www.oenosylva.com/
Lallemand Oenology Lallemand Oenology
More details on: www.lallemandwine.com
  • Yeast: Lalvin EC1118, Lalvin QA23, Lalvin RHST, Lalvin 2226, Lalvin ICV D254 etc.
  • Yeast rehydration: Go ferm, Go ferm protect etc.
  • Nutrient: Fermaid K, Acti ML etc.
  • Enzyme: Lallzyme C, Lallzyme C Max, Lallzyme EX, Lallzyme MMX etc.
  • Specific inactivated yeast: Reduless, Noblesse, Optiwhite, Optired, Booster Blance etc.
  • ML Bactria: Enoferm Alpha, Enoferm Beta, ML Prime, PN4, Lalvin VP 41 etc.
More details on: www.institut-oenologique.com
  • Fermentation Tanins: Tanin SR etc.
  • Finishing Tanin: Essential Oak Sweet, Essetial Oak Strong, Privilege Blue and Privilege Noir etc.
  • Preservative: Potassium Metabisulfite, Potassium Sorbate.
  • Bentonite: Bentostab Granules, Inobent etc.
  • Acids: Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid etc.
  • CMC: Inostab MES etc.
  • Gum Arabic: Flashgum, Inogum 300 etc.
  • Cream of tarter